Blood of a broken heart

It’s the scars from my already blackened heart

The lies from my already bloodied soul

It’s who you’ve turned me into

Closed myself off from the pain

I’m what you’ve created

Yet you turn your back on me

On what I’ve become

The blood of a broken heart

Is what you see when you fall asleep

What haunts you throughout your day

My blood on your hands

The blood you can’t wash off

Look me in the eyes

Face me and what you’ve done

I feel nothing

But the pain you’ve caused me

Do you truly know who you are?

What you are

Can you see my soul?

Do you notice my bloodied heart?

The blood you caused

Can you hear my lies?

They’re the lies

You at once

Told me

The lies I once

Let consume me

It’s the blood of a broken heart

The heart

I trusted you with

The heart you broke

It’s the soul

That you’ve crushed

The day

You realize what you’ve lost

Is the day I’ll no longer care

The day

You’ll be just another scar

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